Student of AAB College Dren Carolli creates the “Let’s Travel Together” platform that makes transportation easier for all travelers

25 June 2024

The creativity and great will of AAB College students results in innovative ideas, which when put into practice often make people’s lives easier.

Such is the platform “Let’s travel together”, created by the Software Engineering student at the Faculty of Computer Sciences Dren Kerolli, which aims to make transportation easier for all travelers.

With the mentor professor Engin Melekoglu, Dren has managed to enable the publication, reservation and management of car, train and bus trips in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro through the platform.

He has developed the module for publishing and booking car trips, integrated train and bus schedules on this platform.

Dren has already completed his bachelor’s studies, while he expressed his enthusiasm for the implementation of this platform, adding that he will continue to engage in this direction to bring new ideas and applications in the near future.