Student of AAB College has been employed as education coordinator at ILG school

2 February 2024
AAB College student works as Community Education Coordinator at ILG School

Haska Prelvukaj Moesman, with many years of experience in the field of education, had chosen AAB College for further professional development, where she graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Child Care and Welfare program.

Cooperation with teachers, colleagues and participation in professional activities at the college have played an important role during this professional journey, emphasized Haska. She believes that early childhood development is a key factor in future success, prompting her to do more research in this area.

Before starting her studies at AAB College, Haska aimed to help develop children at an early age by sharing her experience with students, educators and parents. Now, at the same time with her work as an educator at the International Learning Group (ILG) school, she has taken on a new task as an Education Coordinator.

She expresses her gratitude to AAB College for the contribution to professional development, as well as to the ILG school for the opportunity and trust given.