Student of AAB College who opened a preschool kindergarten shares story on Alumni Talk

3 November 2023
The AAB College student who opened the preschool shares her story on Alumni Talk

The Career Center, which continuously promotes successful students who graduate from AAB College, has brought Albana Mujaj to the Alumni Talk this time, who opened her preschool “Mollekukuqja” in Peja.

Albana told the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences in detail how she managed to achieve one of her dreams with her will and commitment.

She said that despite the challenges and problems she may have encountered, she did not give up on her goal, so she had this message for the students not to give up and that it is never too late to fulfill their dreams.

The students had several questions for Albana regarding the number of children in this kindergarten, the relationship with the parents, the educators, the curriculum, future plans for the kindergarten, etc.