Student of Computer Science creates a barcode scanning application that manages items in the warehouse

5 July 2024

Student Veli Prenku graduated today in the Software Engineering specialization program at the Faculty of Computer Science, where he was top evaluated on the topic he brought to the committee. The topic was the creation of an android application for reading barcodes, with the aim of effective management of warehouse items. This project with mentor professor Laurik Helshani aimed to develop a mobile application for android devices that uses barcode technology for data recognition and reporting.

Barcode technology is an efficient method of recording and storing information, reducing errors and improving productivity. Veli was congratulated by the committee for his work, which has resulted in the creation of an innovative and quality service that helps many businesses to control their warehouses.

In addition to the success in his studies, which he inaugurates with his graduation, Veli is employed at the Expert Pro company, where he applies the theoretical part he has mastered during three years at the Faculty of Computer Science.