Student of English Language Faculty at AAB College continues studies at Finland University

6 September 2022

The success of students from the Faculty of English Language at AAB College is already known for
crossing local borders. Agon Dahsyla is another following success story, after being admitted to continue
his studies at one of the most popular universities in Finland “SAMK”, in the Technical-Engineering and
Mechatronics Faculty.
Out of 50 students that the university admits per year, Dahsyla from AAB College was lucky enough to
become part of this institution. He said that he undoubtedly attributes a large part of the success to the
academic staff of the English Language Faculty of AAB College.
“I am grateful to the academic staff, they constantly offered me help without sparing. The fact that I am
now at this university clearly shows their great commitment, and the discipline which they work with at
AAB College”, said Dahsyla, among other things.
The English Language Faculty of AAB College, with a highly dedicated academic staff, offers quality
studies to each student, who then continue their career plans at home or abroad.