Student of the Faculty of Psychology of AAB College is awarded the ‘’Ambassador of peace’’ title

23 September 2022

Ardita Blakaj, a student from the Faculty of Psychology at the master’s level at AAB College, has marked
a very important success in the professional aspect. She has been honored with the “Ambassador of
Peace” title award in Kosovo, from the global organization Global Socio-Economic and Financial
Evolution Network.
In addition, Ardita is also a member of the Albanian-American Academy of Arts in New York, while
working as head in the correctional center in Dubrava, and a lecturer at the Academy for Public Security
for Prison Psychology.
Ardita is one of the examples that clearly shows that studies at AAB mark a turning point in the life of
every student.
The Faculty of Psychology at AAB College is committed to ensuring that successful students are
promoted in a dignified manner and begin the first steps of their career, proving later that they have
made the right choice for studies.