Students and staff of AAB’s English Language Faculty marked March 7, Teacher’s Day with a discussion

7 March 2019

Under the motto “Celebrate by Learning”, the academic staff and students of the English Language Faculty at AAB College marked March 7th, Teacher’s Day, with the discussion “The challenges of teaching and learning English as a foreign language”.

Invited to this discussion were two professors with expertise in the methodology of teaching, Prof. Mirvan Xhemajli and Prof. Xhavit Rexhaj, as well as two experienced English language teachers and alumni of AAB College, Adella Rodiqi and Syzana Merovci.

In the opening speech, the dean of the Faculty of English, Prof. Aida Alla, said, among other things, that this day is not just a holiday but a day of reflection on the current state of education and what new generations of teachers can do to improve the quality of education in the English language in particular.

Panelists discussed the role and identity of teachers and students, the applying of curricula in schools, contemporary teaching strategies, as well as the day-to-day challenges and difficulties that teachers and students encounter.