Students of AAB College mark National Nurses Week

14 May 2022

The Faculty of Nursing, on the occasion of National Nurses Week, organized several activities which best symbolize this profession. Initially, this faculty, in cooperation with the Kosovo National Center for Blood Transfusion, conducted the activity for voluntary blood donation, which was held at AAB College. The humanitarian blood drive is organized every year at AAB College, marking record numbers of blood donation in Kosovo.

The next activity was the international EVP course accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses on the topic: “Diversity and cultural perceptions in Nursing”, where the lecturer was Prof. Eroll Reshtani. He spoke to the participants about the cultural diversity in nursing, in local and international trends, as well as the importance of understanding the cultural diversity in practicing the Nursing profession. This information has been very important in the acquisition of knowledge of cultural differences for all participants in this course.

These activities came into fruition thanks to the initiative of AAB College students, and their willingness to provide free health services and awareness advice in the main municipalities of Kosovo. These services aimed to raise public awareness by promoting proper health practices, a healthy lifestyle, and values of the Nursing profession to improve the quality of the community. These services were provided in a total of seven municipalities and eight locations, in close cooperation with the municipality of Prishtina, as well as with the representatives of Euromelanoma of Kosovo.