Students of Journalism successfully complete international project

20 October 2023
Journalism students successfully completed the international project

The international project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which the group of journalism students of AAB College participated is successfully completed.

At the closing ceremony of this project “Media Smart – Young people vlog against false information” where they received representatives from other educational institutions in Kosovo and international representatives, the group of students of AAB College presented their vlog “Disinformation”. Project leader Gazmend Berlajolli praised the vlog of AAB students, adding that this successful model has been followed by other groups of students in the creation of their vlogs.

The project began to be implemented in June of this year, in which 6 students of the third year of journalism of AAB College worked under the mentorship of prof. Gazmend Abrashi, to compose their vlog (audiovideo) regarding disinformation.

The project was supported by the Smart Balkans organization and was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, being carried out in cooperation with the Center for Research and Policy Making (North Macedonia), the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania) and the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (Bosnia and Herzegovina).