24 May 2021

Under the leadership of Prof. Ass. Dr. Fëllanzë Pula, students of the Faculty of Economics participated in the “Chain Supply Management” workshop.

Three groups, with a total of 30 students, participated in this workshop.

The purpose of organizing this activity was for students to bolster their knowledge with contemporary working methods, and to encourage students’ creativity in solving the challenges and problems they will encounter in their workplaces.

Students were divided into groups and did various works on Chain Supply Management, such as: warehouse management, transportation and the future of transportation and distribution as part of Chain Supply Management.

Students in the Depot Management group presented ËMS items as an independent program or part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework, and presented Future Depots based on current process-driven effective technologies, such as diffuse supply chain automation, hyper-effective robotic technologies, etc.

Students in the Transport and the future of transport group discussed topics such as the role and evolution of transport, types of transport, the future of transport, whereas the third group discussed the topic of distribution as a very important part of Management of Chain Supply.

So, distribution is made up of circulation, physical distribution, storage and other actions, to ensure that the product reaches its destination quickly, and intact to the consumer.

The representatives of the groups were Donjeta Morina, Driton Rrahmani and Labinot Krasniqi. The workshop concluded with the presentation of the works in front of the dean, and teachers and colleagues of the group.