Students of the Faculty of Economics present their ideas for creating new businesses

4 June 2021

Students of the Faculty of Economics presented their innovative ideas on various business, organizational, investment, technological, awareness-raising activities through their projects. 

Students divided into teams presented their projects which they work on independently in various fields such as marketing, business, information technology, and education, demonstrating knowledge of identifying and planning the necessary activities of each phase of the project, determining the necessary resources for the project, determining the duration of each activity, determining the cost and risks of the project.

During this process, students also demonstrated skills in applying methods, tools, and techniques to manage the scope, time, human resources, cost, and risk of projects.

The organizers of this activity, Prof. Florije Miftari and Prof. Erblina Pira, expressed their satisfaction with the presentation of projects, saying that students proved how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice through this presentation.

The representatives of the groups were:

Kaltrina Muqaj, Leuarta Rama, Besjana Martini, Donika Beqiri, Tringa Fushtica, Liridon Konjushevci, Erind Govori, Luljeta Gashi, Artë Hoxha, Agnesa Tullari, Shkodran Derguti, Vegim Begolli, Nazmie Morina.