Students of the Faculty of Mass Communication/Production of AAB College participating in the prestigious festival “The World in Florence”

18 November 2022

The Faculty of Mass Communication – Production of AAB College, for the second time in a row, participated in the well-known diversity festival “The World in Florence”, with a dignified presentation that received great praise from the festival leaders.

In the presentation that was made online, the professor of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College Luan Tashi, together with his student Art Ukça, expressed about the project that they had started in September and that included five points.

Each of these points included overviews of the ancient Roman city – Ulpiana, Artana Castle (Novobërda), Sahatkulla in Prishtina, the National Library and the Museum of Kosovo that were professionally photographed and designed by students of these faculties.

The exhibition where the photographs and posters of the students of the AAB College will be displayed, is held in the monumental complex “Santa Croce” in Florence.