Students who were part of Erasmus+ program from AAB College share their experiences in the information session

15 October 2022

An information session was held today at AAB College, where three students who studied abroad for a
semester through the Erasmus+ program, spoke about their experience there.
Eriona, Laureta and Adea told students that they had completed a semester in Poland as part of
Erasmus+, where they expressed how this experience had made them see society differently, seeing
diverse cultures and sharing experiences with other students from other countries.
They said that a semester abroad as part of Erasmus+ had helped them make new friendships, to know
how academic life is organized, at the same time informing others about studies at AAB College.
The Erasmus+ program, through the exchange of AAB College students, has helped entire generations to
explore beyond borders, in order to get to know their peers from many countries of the world, and to fill
the baggage that will serve them to be qualified even easier in the future.