Summary of successes of the Faculty of Law of AAB College

18 January 2022

The innumerable successes of the faculties of AAB College prove that in the strategic development of the institution, raising and improving quality comes above all else. In a society that strives to build its own institutions at all levels, practitioners of law are the ones who carry the main burden of institution building and administration. Therefore, being aware of this great burden, AAB College has paid special attention to preparing these students for the future.

The program aims at completely preparing students both in the theoretical and professional implementation of the national strategy in order to bring to life European international standards in the field of law and respect for human rights.

Below you can find some of the successes that characterized this faculty last year.

  1. Gained membership in the European Association of Law Faculties (ELFA).
  2. Students in this field reached the finals of the HNMUN competition organized by Harvard University.
  3. Won the award “Best mediation program in the tournament” INADR VIRTUAL. TOURNAMENT – VILNIUS – Lithuania 2020 “and the formation of the Council for free legal aid
  4. Organized the international online table “EduGrua”.
  5. Had numerous cooperation agreements with universities from the region, institutions and academia.