Summary of successes of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College

20 January 2022

The Faculty of Nursing proudly displays the of many successes and achievements of its students throughout the year. Genuine cooperation was worked on throughout the year in order to achieve the set goals and to centralize the functionality of this faculty, which with great privilege announces its 5 biggest achievements of last year.

Below you can find some of the successes that characterized this faculty last year:

  1. Extension of the Faculty of Nursing to the other two campuses of AAB College (Ferizaj and Gjakova)
  2. Donation of 14 inhalers by Nursing students to the Pediatric Clinic at UCCK
  3. Establishing cooperative relations for the conduct of international and regional conferences (cooperation with the Turkish faculty “Dokuz Eylul”, and the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses)
  4. Increasing employment opportunities and deepening relationships with current German partners for graduate students and expanding the network of cooperation with new partners
  5. Scientific publications in eminent journals addressing current and essential issues in the field of health and academia