Summary of the successes of the Faculty of Radiology of AAB College

3 February 2022

Radiology is a dynamic field influenced by scientific and technological achievements, which is constantly growing and becoming more digitized. AAB College is the only educational institution in the region that has a functional x-ray machine installed in the classroom dedicated solely to practical training for students.

Below you can find some of the successes that have characterized this faculty last year:

1. Ensured the smooth running of classes while respecting the anti-covid measures, which resulted in high success rates during exams despite the culmination of the pandemic cases.

2. Organized an international conference in partnership with KOMC – OMI – AAF, MSHRKS

3. Held special lectures with guests from Croatia and organized internships for students

4. Donated gifts to hospitalized children in pediatric wards of hospitals throughout Kosovo

5. Marked the Radiology Day and organized research on the dangers of radiation