Summer School 2021 Also Strengthens Collaborations Of Student Unions Of Participating Universities

8 July 2021

The success of the organization of the Summer School 2021 at AAB College, should also undoubtedly be attributed to the commitment of the Student Union of AAB College, in the development of this activity.

This initiative, which brought together students from AAB, Isa Boletini University, the University of Tetova from Northern Macedonia, and the Metropolitan University from Albania, further strengthened the cooperation of the student unions of the participating universities.

Thus, within the framework of the development of the Summer School 2021, the president of the Student Union of AAB College, Gentiana Uruqi, had a working meeting with the President of the Student Parliament of the Metropolitan University of Tirana, Reinder Broqaj. On this occasion, the form of cooperation of these student organizations and the start of organizing joint activities were discussed.

The President of AAB students, Gentiana Uruqi, emphasized that the Summer School 2021 is an additional proof that AAB never lacks the support and organizations that affect the professional development of each student.

Participants of the Summer School 2021, in addition to the academic agenda, had the opportunity to visit several places of cultural importance for the country, such as the ancient city of Ulpiana in Gracanica, the National Museum of Kosovo in Pristina and the Museum of Crystals in Mitrovica.