9 March 2021

Under strict compliance with the anti-Covid-19 measures, today at AAB College started the summer semester 2020/21 for bachelor students.

Once again, this semester will not be a typical one for the students of AAB College, in its three branches of Prishtina, Ferizaj, and Gjakova because of the pandemic.

On this special occasion, the rector of AAB College, Dr. Sc. Bujar Demjaha addressed all students and staff with a message.

Rector Bujar Demjaha’s message:

Dear students, teachers and coworkers,

It is my pleasure to address you today, on International Women’s Day, immediately after Teacher’s Day March 7, wishing you and your families well on these two joyous holidays.

For us at AAB College, today is even more special, because we are starting the summer semester of the academic year 2020/21.

As AAB College holds the student in the highest regard, the student rewards AAB College, in turn, by keeping their studies at the center of their attention. Our institution has taken every measure to meet all requirements of the students.

Aside from the quality of studies, AAB College and all its campuses in Prishtina, Ferizaj, and Gjakova also set themselves apart from the rest with their infrastructure, which we are all proud of. As is rarely the case with any institution of higher education during these times, we are doing most of the teaching in our classes, but as a necessity, and in complete adherence with the anti-Covid-19 measures, a part of the teaching remains to be done from a distance, while another part is being done on Sundays. It is a state of emergency and we expect understanding and cooperation from everyone involved. 

All of us, without exception, must respect our government’s measures aimed at preventing the spread of the pandemic. COVID-19, with all its new strains, is still among us. Each of us must respect the measures not only because we are legally obligated to but also in order to protect our loved ones at home.

The student and the teacher are obligated to:

Students are responsible for their own actions, the teacher is responsible for the order in the classroom, and the deans are responsible for making sure the measures are being respected by students and their teachers throughout the facility, and in particular in the classroom. We are in the process of accreditation and re-accreditation of some of our programs, and we will have visits from the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. This is another reason to perform to the best of our ability.

The Vice Rector for Teaching with the support of the entire Rectorate will monitor the situation with the hope that we will not be forced to take unnecessary action in this regard. 

Our last semester was spent in turmoil, both socially and politically. Nevertheless, I wish you had a as good a time as possible and achieved the expected results in the exam period we now leave behind. We hope that with the improvement of the weather, better days will come for the entire Kosovar society.

Finally, let me wish you all good health and a great start to the summer semester.

Bujar Demjaha,

Rector of AAB College