“Surgery for Nurses” promoted at AAB College

4 November 2022

Today, “Surgery for Nurses” by authors Luan Jaha, Agreta Gecaj-Gashi and Idriz Sopjani was promoted at AAB College. The authors are also professors in the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, and this book is dedicated to nurses, with a focus on surgery. The entire book consists of 16 chapters covering basic topics in surgery. In the book promotion event, the authors said they feel privileged to be making a small contribution to the field of surgery, thereby helping young nurses and students.

Prof. ass. dr. Luan Jaha, said that in this book they have shared their experiences with one another, adding that this book will be serving good to nurses in order to work with competence and that competence is elementary in their profession.

The vice-rector for Cooperation and International Relations of AAB College, Venera Llunji, among other things, added that she feels privileged that the authors of the book are her colleagues and that the promotion of such books further helps the expansion in the scientific field and the professional preparation of students.

Prof. Sadri Bajraktari, was also present at this promotion, who highly appreciated the work conducted, while adding that the contribution in this field is of great importance for future generations.