The 13th Annual Forensic Sciences Conference officially opens at AAB College

27 October 2022

For the first time in Kosovo, the 13th edition of the annual conference of Forensic Sciences is being held,
hosted by AAB College. This three-day conference is co-organized with the Balkan Academy of Forensic
Sciences, with over 100 participants from around the world.
The director of this conference, also a professor at AAB College, Prof. dr. Naim Uka in his introductory
speech thanked the participants, who encouraged them to share knowledge and experience from
different areas of forensic science, improving and building higher scientific research and studies.
While the Vice-Rector for Science and Research at AAB College, Prof. dr. Uranela Demaj stated that she
is happy with the fact that students will also be part of this conference, to learn new things about these
scientific researches. The Deputy Interior Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Blerim Gashani and Prof. dr. Ersi
Kalfoğlu, President of BAFS were also present.
During the days of the conference, numerous workshops and sessions will be organized, in which,
important topics from the field of forensic science will be addressed.