22 March 2021

The 70th anniversary of the Kosovo Archives was marked today In AAB College’s Theater “Faruk Begolli”.

In his speech, the Chief Executive Officer of the State Archives Agency, Bedri Zyberaj, spoke about the history but also the current state of the Kosovo Archives. He said that in this 70-year journey, despite the challenges and difficulties faced by this institution, there have been significant achievements that cannot be denied, collecting original documents and manuscripts that reach as far as 600 years back.

Meanwhile, the Director of the General Directorate of Archives of Albania, Ardit Bido, said that we consider our archives a common national asset. He spoke about the fruitful cooperation between the two countries and said that the example set by the cooperation of the Archives of Kosovo and Albania would be good to be followed by the other institutions of our countries.

The solemn Academy of the 70th anniversary of the Kosovo Archives, on behalf of AAB College, was greeted by the Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, Petrit Bushi, who said that thanks to the agreement that AAB College has with the Kosovo Archives, our students are able to perform their internships in this institution that serves as the historical memory of the nation.