The Ambassador of Norway H.E. Jens Erik Grondahl, speaks about Norwegian diplomacy to AAB College students

19 December 2022

Regarding Norwegian diplomacy in a lecture for the students of AAB College, H.E. Jens Erik Grondahl, the Ambassador of Norway to Kosovo, has told in detail about other processes and developments in the foreign policy of this country.

Mr. Grondahl, said that he is very honored to be invited to AAB College, adding that it is the largest educational institution in the region, something for which students should be proud to be part of AAB College. He showed the students details about Norway’s constitution, independence, parliamentarism while saying that the country he comes from should be integrated into the European Union. Then Mr. Grondahl revealed details about his career as a diplomat starting from West Africa, Zagreb, to continue in Kosovo from 2019.

AAB College students showed great interest in learning about Norwegian diplomacy, asking questions about the country system, history, and important events that led to the building of the Norwegian state.