The Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo delivers lecture at AAB College

14 January 2023
The ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Jonas Westerlund at AAB College.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo, H.E Jonas Westerlund, has held a lecture for the students of AAB College on the topic “Foreign Policy of Sweden”, where he spoke about the experiences he has had and the relations of the Swedish country with Kosovo.

Mr. Westerlund began his story as a diplomat by recalling the 90s, especially July 1998, where he said that Sweden organized a civil society conference about the war in Kosovo in which they promoted peace and did not accept any violence and conflict.

“At that time, there was a student who persistently demanded the intervention of NATO troops in Kosovo, to stop Serbia, and I described this as naivety. But it happened. NATO troops intervened and I realized that I was the naive one. Today, the student I am referring to is your prime minister, Albin Kurti”, said Westerlund, while evaluating this moment as the most interesting story of his career to this date.

Mr. Westerlund went on to mention the departure of the Swedish population in the 19th century in the USA, which he compared with the current situation in Kosovo, while saying that it could also have a positive impact, since the Swedish population had returned with investments from the US and helped Sweden become an economic powerhouse.

Ambassador Westerlund added that Sweden will continue its support for Kosovo, focusing on economic development, infrastructure, education, Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and other issues of importance to the country.

AAB College students asked questions related to Sweden’s foreign policy, NATO membership, the fight against corruption, education and other topics.