The Ambassador of Turkey to Kosovo H.E Sabri Tunç Angili with a special lecture at AAB College

2 May 2023
The Ambassador of Turkey in Kosovo, H.E. Sabri Tunç Angılı, with a special lecture at the AAB College

AAB College students had the opportunity to learn more about the foreign policy of one of the most influential countries in the Balkans, Turkey. It was the Ambassador of Turkey to Kosovo, Sabri Tunç Angılı, who delivered a lecture to the students talking more about foreign policy.

Due to the recent geopolitical developments, the Turkish Ambassador said that his country needs to redefine its relations with Russia. On the other hand, the host of this lecture, professor Nexhmedin Spahiu, emphasized the role that Turkey had in the development of Kosovo, especially in lobbying for the recognition of citizenship.

The presence of the Turkish Ambassador to AAB College was part of the regular meetings and lectures of various ambassadors with the students.