The book of author Evarist Beqiri “The Founder – The Leadership of Ismail Qemaili” is promoted at AAB College

14 March 2023
In the AAB College, the book of the author Evarist Beqiri "Founder - Leadership of Ismail Qemali" is promoted

The book “Founder – Leadership of Ismail Qemaili” was promoted at AAB College, by the author Evarist Beqiri, while well-known political figures participated, such as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, MP Ganimete Musliu, the Ambassador of Albania to Kosovo, Qemajl Minxhozi, KSF major general, Gëzim Hazrolli and former Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj.

The guests on the panel, together with the author Evarist Beqiri, appreciated the work and commitment that has been made for this publication, emphasizing the importance of handling a figure like that of the Albanian leader Ismail Qemaili.

Professor Nevila Nika, who has worked in the Albanian archives, said that the author Evarist Beqiri has extracted the most special events in this book from the leadership of Ismail Qemaili, while the flow of this book is very interesting and the choice that has been made to deal with one of the main figures of state formation is to be admired.

Even the researcher Adri Nurellari, left some impressions regarding the benefits of this book, as he evaluated the methodological approach in the reaffirmation of historical figures, which according to him has included many and important dimensions, which concludes in a book that brings many lessons for every Albanian about the past and the future.

The former Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, added that “The Founder – The Leadership of Ismail Qemaili” is the only book that has been written about a historical figure from the point of view of leadership, as he described it as a brilliant book.

The Ambassador of Albania to Kosovo, Qemajl Minxhozi, also spoke about this book, who said that Ismail Qemaili is one of the most important Albanian figures right after Skënderbeu and this book talks in detail about his achievements, leadership and the role he had.

The author of the book, Evarist Beqiri, had a few words about the main figure in his book, Ismaili Qemaili, while he said that the new generations should also understand the legacy he left behind. In the end, he thanked all the participants in this promotion, in particular AAB College for the opportunity given.