The book “Sovereignty versus Integrity” by Arben Çejku promoted at AAB College

18 March 2022

Following the many activities on the premises of AAB College, a promotion of the book “Sovereignty versus Integrity” by Arben Çejku took place. Political, diplomatic, literary and cultural representatives of the country were present at the book promotion ceremony.

Chairman of the Board of AAB College, Mr. Lulzim Tafa, in his welcoming speech, spoke about the theme of the book and the importance of such a promotion on the premises of AAB College. Meanwhile, Ambassador Avni Spahiu spoke about the interconnection between the creation of the country’s policies and the book, which could culminate in an eventual agreement with Serbia. The Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration at AAB College, Petrit Bushi, expressed the importance of the book as a subject of study by the students of the faculty he directs and the historical divisions that the author touches on in the book.

The author of this book, Mr. Arben Çejku, expressed gratitude for the organization of the book promotion on the premises of AAB College, saying that this institution is not only a temple of national knowledge but also a national book center. Mr. Çejku also spoke about his efforts and the challenges he faced in the process of writing the book, saying that,as an author, he had to take off the proverbial shoes of a diplomat who is held accountable for all the information he gives and contribute to the expression and story of behind-the-scenes of a dialogue of special importance for the state of Kosovo.

At the end of the promotion, Çejku answered the questions of students and other participants, who expressed great interest in the developments of sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Kosovo.