The chairman of the AAB College Debate Club from the Faculty of Public Administration is elected

15 December 2022

Through an organization, the heads of the Debate Club of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College, has been elected. Student of AAB College, Genc Morina, was elected president, while students: Blenda Selmani, Doruntina Syla and Elion Nuza were elected vice-presidents.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College, Prof. Asst. Dr. Petrit Bushi, wished success to the Debate Club, emphasizing that they will have continuous support from the dean’s office for any initiative. The new head of the Debate Club said that they will continue with the activities and will engage in debates that will deal with different topics, but also bring representatives from the public institutions of the country and the region to AAB College.

The activities of this club have already started while the ambassadors of different countries in Kosovo have come to AAB College for lectures regarding the diplomacy of their countries, while work is also being done on the promotion of the book of the Albanian Ambassador to Kosovo, which has to do with diplomatic relations.