The club of young economists holds open debate

23 March 2022

The Young Economists Club held an open debate with the students of the Faculty of Economics on the topic of whether leaders are born or made. The meeting was opened by Professor Adelina Gashi, who initially thanked the students of the Club of Young Economists for such initiatives and invited them to encourage the participation of other students at such events. The organization of this event was welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Medain Hashani, who praised students for participating in such activities and promised unreserved support from the management of the faculty and the college as well.

The purpose of this debate was for students to demonstrate constructive, creative, and argumentative discussion skills, including encouraging students to research the greatest leaders history knows. Part of the discussion were also second year and third-year students of the Faculty of Economics.

The debate ended with arguments and counter-arguments, which dictated the need for subsequent meetings of even greater proportions involving students and professors.