The conclusions of the scientific conference: there is no avoidance from the media, one should look for a better life in the media

19 June 2024

One lives today in the media and his self-realization takes place through the media. The transformations are noticed more by the mature generation that migrated online, while the generation born and raised online is emotionally connected to them. Therefore, any media education should be based on the emotion, whether positive or negative that the media causes. We cannot say whether technology has become more human, or the human has become more technological and robotized today in the age of artificial intelligence. However, the human who already lives with the media and in the media must seek to make a better life in it, because avoiding it is impossible.

These were some of the main conclusions of the international scientific conference of communications, revealed by the eminent researcher Mark Deuze, who was one of the two main speakers of the “Information, media and truth in the era of post-truth and artificial intelligence” conference.

In this conference organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College in cooperation with the Department of Journalism and Communication of the University of Tirana and the Institute of Communications of Greece, 53 papers and studies were presented, divided into 8 parallel sessions, where several authors participated from: Netherlands, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Italy, France, Morocco, Croatia, India, Malaysia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

This is the 14th scientific conference in a row of communications in the last 10 years, which has been organized by AAB College or in partnership with other European educational institutions.