The Council of American Ambassadors impressed by the hospitality at AAB College – they thank Rector Lulzim Tafa and the students

21 June 2023

Appreciating the organization of a special ceremony by AAB College, the Council of American Ambassadors through a letter to the rector Lulzim Tafa, has expressed satisfaction and gratitude for the visit they conducted in May.

In the letter which was sent on behalf of the delegation of the Council of Ambassadors, it is written that the participants were enthusiastic both with the reception ceremony and with the informal discussions they had with the students of AAB College.

“Your students are smart, well-informed and inquisitive. Our delegation and the members who discussed with them during lunch said that this was the most special moment they had during their visit to the Western Balkans”.

Further to the International Award for Democracy and Integration for the President of the Council of American Ambassadors Timothy Chorba from the rector of AAB College said that they keep it in a very special place in the office of the Council so that everyone can see it. This award was given for the contribution that the USA and American diplomacy have given to Kosovo’s state formation and democracy.

At the end of this letter, they invited the rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa to visit the office of the Council of American Ambassadors in Washington, in order to return the hospitality of AAB College.

The visit of the Council of American Ambassadors took place on May 11 on the occasion of the “101st anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Albania – USA and the 15th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Kosovo – USA”, where Members of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors also participated.