The Faculty of English Language and the Faculty of Psychology sign a cooperation agreement with YMCA – Kosovo

21 September 2022

Interdisciplinary cooperations between faculties at AAB College are a common practice, be it scientific
conferences, social, artistic or volunteer projects. Such is the current project between YMCA – Kosovo
and two faculties who are known for student activities, those of English language and Psychology. The
signing of this agreement brings to life “The Future for Youth: Youth as Leaders of Life Skills Education in
the Balkans” project, through which the students of AAB College will benefit in various ways.
The purpose of this project is that through the implementation of research and the implementation of
educational workshops, to increase awareness and promote the basic values ​​and objectives of the
project such as gender equality, prevention of violence, extremism and promotion of healthy lifestyles.
The cooperation will be based on the principles of good partnership and will be managed in accordance
with the interests of students.