The Faculty of Foreign Languages organizes a roundtable discussion with professors and alumni

26 June 2024

Professors and some graduate students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​from the English Language program, held a discussion roundtable regarding the topic: “Improving the study program through alumni suggestions”.

This activity was aimed at addressing suggestions from graduates, regarding some issues of the bachelor’s level program in English Language.

The meeting was of significant importance, since the graduates view the program from the point of view of employees, who apply the knowledge obtained at the faculty.

Among the topics that were discussed at the meeting were the review of the curriculum, evaluation methods, the giving of evaluations by professors and students, the examination of learning results, proposals for student activities, the possibility of opening a new program, the deepening of cooperation with potential employers, etc.

This activity was the continuation of some preliminary informal meetings between these interest groups, in order to compile a program in harmony with the demands of the time.