The Faculty of Nursing organizes the next training during April within the framework of EVP

3 April 2023

The Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, on April 25, 2023, starting from 09:00-14:30, will hold the next one-day training. The theme of this international course will be: “Nursing care for geriatrics”. Like the previous courses, this course is also accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses with 8 credit points.

All health and non-health profiles who express an interest in learning about health care challenges in pain management in patients with various diseases can become part of the course.

The payment for students is 10 euros, while for other profiles it is 15 euros. The application is first made via this link, then you will receive the email for the application. The payment must be made to this account number: TEB 2014 0000 0848 9233. The payment slip must be submitted as a physical copy to the assistants’ office of the Faculty of Nursing, no later than one day before the training date.

Participation is limited!