The Faculty of Radiology holds meeting with the Health Industry in Kosovo – program enrichment and continuous cooperation are discussed

1 June 2023

One of the most distinguished programs in the region in the field of radiology, the Technical Faculty of Radiology of AAB College, has held the traditional meeting with the health industry in Kosovo. This meeting was attended by: the dean of the Technical Faculty of Radiology Bujar Gjikolli, professors, students, owners and representatives of the American Hospital – Igli Larashi, United Hospital – Alfred Ibrahimi, Swiss Hospital Gjilan and representatives from other hospitals in Pristina.

This meeting organized by the Technical Faculty of Radiology, which has already been proven with the level of graduate students and the preparation of academic staff, was aimed at raising the standards of education and professional development, while the achievements and needs that must be met in the future were exchanged for all actors in this field.

This will lead to the enrichment of the program – curriculum, meeting the needs of the industry which will have security in the continuation of their investments in the future because they will have qualified staff for the services they plan to implement.

Cooperation will continue in the near future with the presentation of mutual needs and their immediate implementation.