The Faculty of Social Sciences organizes an awareness meeting with the organization OFAP for the awareness campaign “Open the door, open the heart”

13 December 2023
The OFAP organization informs the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences with the awareness campaign "Open the door, open the heart"

In AAB College, an activity was developed within the awareness campaign “Open the door, open the heart” by the non-governmental organization for children without parental care (OFAP), organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The activity was moderated by the professor of this faculty Jeton Brajshori, while present to talk about this topic were: professor Bujar Thaqi, program manager at OFAP Albana Hoti, sociologist Shukrije Kojçiqi, Fatmire Musliu from a host family, director of Social Centers in Fushë Kosovo Abaz Gjikolli and Venera Lenjani, psychologists.

All those present said that the “Open the door, open the heart” campaign appeals to citizens to shelter children who do not have parental care or are not in a safe family environment.

They also emphasized that families who decide to take this important step for a child’s well-being will be supported by the Center for Social Work with regular visits, advice, training and necessary support.