The First Albanian Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, visits AAB College

6 March 2024
The first Albanian Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, visits AAB College

The first Albanian Prime Minister in North Macedonia Mr. Talat Xhaferi visited AAB College today where he delivered a lecture to the students on the topic “Friendly relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of North Macedonia”.

The Rector of AAB College Blerim Olluri welcomed Mr. Xhafer on behalf of the institution’s staff, expressing high appreciation for the Prime Minister’s contribution and commitment over the years for Kosovo and its citizens.

“AAB College has been visited by many personalities of public and political life, eminent writers, artists and poets, but your presence is of particular importance and significant and motivating especially for our students”, said Olluri.

Prime Minister Xhaferi said that “it is a special pleasure to be in front of the staff and students of AAB College, in the beautiful premises, surrounded by the current and future intellectuals of the friendly, neighboring and above all brotherly country Kosovo”.

Further, in his lecture, he spoke about the relations that the two republics of Kosovo and North Macedonia enjoy over the years, which have been inherited from generation to generation with all the challenges, commonalities and any other important process for the two parties.

“Together, entire generations have listed their contributions to state building and we have a common past. Our history is painful and bitter because of the consequences it has left and the experiences we have all had. Today, on the occasion of marking the glorious March for the 26th anniversary of the KLA epopee, I accepted the invitation to be in Kosovo during this period and this brings me back to those years”, said Xhaferi.

As a sign of gratitude for his presence, Prime Minister Xhaferi was presented with a painting by a student of the Faculty of Arts at AAB College, while there were also many questions posed by the students related to the integration of the two countries in the EU, the deepening of relations, economic and cultural cooperation. and educational etc.

In addition to the lecture, Mr. Xhaferi held meetings with the Governing Council of AAB College and visited the many spaces of the institution.