The first generation graduates in the Executive Program “Interior Design and Product Innovation”

27 June 2024

The graduation ceremony of the first generation in the Executive Program in Interior Design and Product Innovation, developed by the professors of AAB College in collaboration with the University of Bologna, Shehu Academy and supported by Usaid Kosovo Compete Activity, was held.

The opening speech at this ceremony was given by the vice-rector of the AAB College Venera Llunji, who thanked all the contributors to this program, while for the graduates she said that this event marks the beginning of a new chapter.

“For graduates, this event marks not only the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities. Prepared with a combination of theoretical and academic work and practical expertise, you are ready to make a significant contribution to the woodworking industry not only in Kosovo but also beyond. Your dedication, persistence and creativity throughout this program have made us confident that you will continue to shine and inspire others for professional development”, said Llunji.

The project director from USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, Skender Rama, thanked those present, adding that the wood industry is one of the most successful industries in Kosovo and has seen significant growth, so for this, a qualified and capable workforce is needed for the market of work.

“Considering this development of the industry, USAID has supported this program, which we all managed to successfully implement together. Graduates are an example for future generations”, added Rama.

The Director of the Projects Office at AAB College, Ilirjana Geci, described the development of this program as a successful collaboration, while emphasizing the commitment of this office to maintain continuous ties with the industry by preparing competitive staff for the labor market.

The professor from the University of Bologna, Giuseppe Maino, also participated virtually in this ceremony. He expressed his satisfaction with the students who have successfully completed the program, which, according to him, is of great importance in the country’s economy.

Kreshnik Shehu from Shehu Academy, thanked the staff of AAB College for the initiative together with the other partners of this program.

During the ceremony, students Leutrim Buzhala, Liamra Jusufi and Erika Bllaca shared their experience of participating in the famous “Salone del Mobile Milano” fair, saying that it was a special experience that awakened their creativity and served as inspiration for the future.

In the end, the vice-rector of the AAB College Venera Llunji and Skender Rama from USAID Kosovo Compete Activity distributed the certificates to the 13 graduating students and congratulated them for further success in their professional path.