The first student in Programming at the Faculty of Computer Science graduates

27 June 2024

Edon Haliti is the first student to graduate in Programming department of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College.

His topic was “Machine learning and applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare”, addressing very important issues that serve the benefit of humanity, as well as in the field of health in general.

During the presentation, Edon brought the application of artificial intelligence through the web application that predicts diabetes, as an aid to people’s health. He also spoke in detail about artificial intelligence, its applications, ethical considerations, future trends, etc.

This subject was mentored by professor Edon Bublaku, while he received the highest evaluations from the committee consisting of professors Jusuf Qarkaxhija and Engin Melekoglu.

Programming in the Faculty of Computer Science is one of the most special programs of AAB College. Students of this direction are equipped with knowledge of the applications necessary for software development, programming basics, programming languages, desktop, web and mobile platforms, methodologies, databases, etc.