The first training module for staff professional development held

18 July 2022

“Higher education methodology from the perspective of adult learning principles” was the topic that was addressed in the first module for academic staff by trainers Naser Zabeli and Arbërore Bicaj. This module is translating the principles of adult pedagogy into teaching practices in higher education. The main focus of these trainings has been to raise the capacities of the staff for teaching with adults and to elaborate the theoretical approach.

In the framework of the “2022 Summer Program” organized by PDIC for the professional development of staff, these trainings will continue on July 18 and 21 from 09:00-16:30.

All those interested in the trainings offered within the Summer Program 2022 of PDIC, for more information can contact the coordinators: Diana Qarkaxhija ([email protected], and Gresa Makolli (gresa.makolli@aab-