The following training within EVP will be held in September

1 September 2022

The international EVP (Continuing Vocational Education) course will be held in September on 07.09.2022
from 09:00-14:30, in class 113 at AAB College. The topic of this one-day international course will be
“Mental Health”, lectured by Velide Pulomemoj.
This course, like all other courses, is accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses with 8 credit points for
passive participation. All health and non-health profiles interested in learning the skills of providing first
aid in different situations can apply to this course.
Those interested must first apply through this link. After applying you will receive a confirmation email.
The payment for health professionals is 15 euros, while for students is 10 euros. The physical copy of the
payment slip must be submitted to the office of the assistants of the Faculty of Nursing, at least two
days before the date of the training, because participation is limited.