The fourth day of the International Staff Week takes place through visits to Peja, Rugova mountains and the waterfalls of Radavc

17 May 2024

The participants in the International Staff Week of AAB College, on the fourth day, had a different experience beyond academic commitments.

They visited Peja, exploring the historical points located in the city, such as the Museum of Peja to see artifacts from the ancient Albanian culture and tradition. The city’s cinema was one of the group’s next stops, where they met and discussed with the leaders of the “Anibar” organization, which deals with important social issues.

The Patriarchate of Peja, a heritage site, was one of the next addresses to be visited, as a monument protected by UNESCO.

Afterwards, the participants were impressed by the views of Rugova mountains, while they were informed about the geological and environmental importance of the area.

This entire visit ended with special memories for each of them, appreciating the organization of AAB College and the willingness to share such experiences together.