The French Ambassador to Kosovo delivers a lecture to the students of AAB College

25 November 2022

“French diplomacy” was the main topic which the Ambassador of France in Kosovo, Sh.T. Olivier Guérot, held a lecture on to the students of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College. On this occasion, the French ambassador showed in detail the stages that France has gone through, regarding to the many revolutions, then human rights to state secularism, while adding that each step has played a role in state formation and the smooth running of the processes.

AAB College students asked questions about visa liberalization, which the Ambassador said has never been closer, while adding that any effort requires great commitment, but now Kosovo has been given the green light and this is the main step for liberalization to happen.

Among other things, Ambassador Guérot said that he feels very happy that he had the opportunity to hold a lecture to the students of AAB College and that he hopes that this will inform them about the importance of diplomacy in a country.