The international day of people with different ability is marked with an activity at AAB College

4 December 2023
The Student Union actively marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was marked with an awareness-raising activity by the Student Union and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of AAB College.

This activity took place with the participation of the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina Alban Zogaj, the director of Sports Granit Rugova, the director of the association “Zëri i Forcës” Hajredin Krasniqi, Burim Krasniqi from the “Replay Peace” NGO and Elmi Fazliu from the basketball club “Karrocat e kaltërta”.

The Student Union together with the participants in the sports hall of AAB College carried out several sports activities, which brought fun and showed the great will that people with different abilities have.