“The journey to Olympic champion” book dedicated to Shaban Tërstena was promoted at AAB College

14 April 2017

Today at AAB College in Prishtina, the promotion of the monographic book “The journey to Olympic Champion”, by Sefer Tahiri, Reshat Ibrahimi and Florim Rexhepi, was dedicated to the Olympic wrestling champion from Skopje, Macedonia, Shaban Tërstena. This book describes his monograph with interesting facts from his 19-year life and career, difficulties and success in the field of sports.

On this occasion, the rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, in his speech said that Shaban Tërstena is an icon of all-Albanian sport.

“Mr. Tërstena, when you won the gold medal in Los Angeles, I was 14 years old. At that time, I remember the enthusiasm I had in front of the TV when you won medals. It never occurred to me that one day I would have the opportunity, leading a college, together with our students, to receive you and have you here as a guest. It is an extraordinary honor and pleasure “, said Rector Tafa.

As the host of the promotion of this book, the rector of Tafa informed the participants about the great importance that AAB College dedicates to science, art, sports, etc.

“We as an institution have the Faculty of Physical Education at two levels, bachelor and master. Also, we have had for a long time our Volleyball Club, which for several years has been the champion of Kosovo, in the women’s category they have been winners of the Kosovo Cup several times. Fadil Vokrri is our board member. Majlinda Kelmendi is our student, world judo champion, first gold medal winner in Kosovo. A few days ago in AAB we also had Lorik Cana, the Captain of the Albanian National Football Team, today we have Shaban Tërstena… “, emphasized Tafa.

He said that he has only one request for the former Olympic Champion, and that request is that Tërstena not be stopped.

While, the professor of Physical Education at AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi, in his speech congratulated the authors who have enabled the new generations to have in front of them an example where everyone can be motivated for work.

“The book is about perseverance. The book talks about why successful people set a goal before themselves and no matter what the challenges they face, they never stop. […] Also, the book talks about how a little boy, who comes from a family with not very good economic conditions, which was a reflection of the situation of most Albanian families that lived at that time, can achieve to overcome all challenges and reach the peaks of success “, said Professor Vehapi.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at AAB College, Fatmir Pireva, said that Tërstena with his success has shown the most beautiful sides of the sport of wrestling throughout, not only in Albanian lands, but throughout the world.

“He achieved these successes at a time when the Albanian name was almost banned. At a time when Albanian athletes, in order to be declared winners, had to be several times better than their opponents”, said Dean Pireva.

Sefer Tahiri, one of the authors of the book, in his speech said that big names have always been given by great nations and powerful economic or political states, but according to him, sports history has made exceptions.

“This proves that even small nations and states give the history of sports big and unique names. They are the ones who have marked the culminating successes. The nations that give world history great people cannot be called small. From the national heart of the Albanians, from Macedonia, have emerged major figures that the world recognizes as legitimate names and verified with concrete results and successes. We are the Albanians we are most proud of and affirm in the international sports arena. It is the Albanians who have made us proud at different times. We have lived with their successes. We are proud of those successes. We felt the nightmares of racing where they faced like giants in big duels. “We have felt part of great nations, so we cannot forget them even if we want to,” he said.

The other author of the book “The Journey to Olympic Champion”, Florim Rexhepi, also spoke on this occasion, saying that Tërrstena, during his long sports career, intentionally or unintentionally became the only and unrepeatable main protagonist of the sport of wrestling around the world, not only for the period he has been active in sports life, but also in the following period and certainly in the future.

While, the reviewer of this book, Besnik Telai, said that this book gives some messages, where the reader will have something to be more motivated to reach the peaks of success.

The protagonist of the book “The Journey to Olympic Champion”, Shaban Tërstena, told the students of AAB College that the path that led him to the ultimate success has been his great dedication in training. “My success has no secret. “The only secret has been the unstoppable work and training”, said the former Olympic champion in wrestling, Shaban Tërstena.

He also gave students some valuable tips on how to achieve top success, showing them many of the challenges he has faced throughout his career.

At the end of this promotion, students had the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered by the former Olympic Wrestling Champion, Shaban Tërstena.

Shaban Tërstena, born in 1965 in Çair of Skopje, is the most successful Albanian athlete, who managed to win the gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA, and after four years won the silver medal in Seoul.

He also won silver medals in 1983, 1985, 1986 and bronze medals in 1982 and 1988. In addition, Tërstena has been declared Athlete of the Century in Macedonia and throughout Albania.