The last night of PITF2018 brings the show from Kosovo “Holly Shit”

5 December 2018

After six nights of successful theatrical plays, comes the last play of the festival called “Holly Shit” from Kosovo which is directed by Ilir Bokshi.

The play is a tragicomedy that follows the story of the two characters Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn who were hired by a Hollywood production team to play as extras.

The role of Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn are played by Ylber Bardhi and Adrian Morina respectively.

During the press conference, assistant director, Butrint Pasha said that they expect to have a dignified performance during the show.

Ylber Bardhi, performer, said that this show has always been played in the Albanian territories and it has reaped the expected successes, because according to him, this is a play that was tailored towards Albanian humor. “Holly Shit” Starts tonight at 19:00. After the show, a short award ceremony will be held for the competing theatrical plays of PITF2018.