The new issue of the AAB research journal is published with authors from four continents

22 September 2023
The new issue of the AAB scientific journal with authors from four continents is published

The new issue of the international scientific journal “Thesis” has been published, in which the global reader finds interdisciplinary studies on current problems.

This issue includes studies from the historical evolution of art in Kosovo, from political communication in North Macedonia, problems with crypto currencies in Turkey, crimes in Africa as well as comparative studies on the consequences of the recent pandemic with those of previous pandemics. The authors of these studies come from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

“Thesis” is the international research journal of AAB College which is published twice a year and is indexed in several international scientific platforms. This is the 12th year and 23rd issue of this global journal. The complete research of the last issue of the journal can be read via link: