The prestigious journal GPIR of the “Sage publishing house”, publishes the study of Professor Shpend Voca

3 November 2022

The study titled “Assessment of victimization is related to willingness to contact former enemies through empathy and trust” is a study with a correlational design, by professor Shpend Voca, which was published by the prestigious index card journal Group Processes & Intergroup Relations (GPIR), published by Sage Publishing.

The study shows that the belief that the war has caused suffering to both members of the participant’s own group and former enemies fosters a greater willingness to contact former enemies, a very important aspect for positive changes in intergroup relations in post-war societies.

On the other hand, the belief that members of the group to which the participants belong have suffered more than former enemies dampens the willingness to contact former enemies, thus keeping relations strained in post-war societies.

For more, you can read the paper at this link: