The prestigious journal “Pedagogika” publishes the study of Professor Nazyktere Hasani

24 March 2023
The prestigious magazine "Pedagogika" publishes the study of Professor Nazyktere Hasani

“The Strengthening of the Positive School Climate by Moral and Contingency Leadership”, which is a study carried out by the professor of AAB College, Nazyktere Hasani, with co-authors Nazmi Xhomara and Albina Shehu, was published by the prestigious journal Vol. 148 No. 4 (2022): Pedagogy, which is indexed in Scopus.

 The study revealed a positive correlation between moral leadership and positive school climate, as well as a low negative correlation between leadership with unpredictable situations and positive school climate. Therefore, secondary schools should promote moral leadership as an important variable that influences a positive school climate.

Overall, the findings of this study expanded the theoretical and practical understanding of moral leadership and contingency leadership as important variables influencing positive school climate in secondary schools.

You can read and download the full published article at the following links: