The Prishtina International Theater Festival 2023 begins with the performance of Croatia’s “Rusalka”

23 May 2023
Prishtina International Theater Festival 2023 begins with the show "Rusalka" from Croatia

The opening of the Prishtina International Theater Festival continued with the first play of the seventh edition, which was “Rusalka” from Croatia. Through an opening ceremony, the commitment of the staff and their role in bringing performances from different countries of the world was appreciated, leaving space for the show that began at 8:00 p.m.

Directed by Ivica Šimić, the show “Rusalka” impressed the audience with the characters that dealt with the theme of a character’s dream to become an opera singer but who had to follow the steps, difficulties and challenges. Also constituting a psychological perspective that everyone should be themselves despite the prejudices of others. The audience honored the actresses with applause and gratitude, and after the show, the attendees had fun under the rhythms of singer Arbër Krasniqi and DJ Robi.

Tonight, “Boxes” from Turkey directed by Balım Kar and Semih Değirmenci will be performed, starting at 20:00.