The Project Implementation Office of AAB College organizes meeting for project initiation

28 March 2023
The Project Development Office of AAB College organizes a project initiation meeting

The Project Implementation Office of AAB College has organized a meeting to exchange experiences on the initiation, design and implementation of projects. This meeting focused on the experience of the Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Donat Rexha, who is the coordinator of the “European Business Laws and Regulations” project, which is implemented by AAB College, with funding from the European Commission, the Jean Monnet program from Erasmus+. Rexha, showed how this project is being implemented along with the steps to be followed, determined based on the program, including financing and subsequent implementation in practice.

The Director of the Project Implementation Office, Ilirjana Geci, spoke about the role and mandate of the office she leads, encouraging the academic and administrative staff of AAB College to be part of the projects, for which they will then receive assistance from this office.

Qendresa Kukaj spoke about the initiation procedures and mutual responsibilities for the implementation of projects, who explained in detail the steps to be followed but also the mutual expectations that the parties have in conducting the project.